Rucha Patwardhan

Interaction Designer. Information Architect. Social Innovator. UX Prototyper.

A little about me

Hi! I’m Rucha. After 4 years of working in the various roles and fields across design I learned that as a designer I will always be evolving my skills. I love to design right from the discovery stages to concept building. Over the years I have honed my skills to prototype and design in multiple media. Apart from work I enjoy road trips to new unexplored places the most. I’m currently based in San Francisco, previously lived in New York and Mumbai. I am currently looking for exciting new job opportunities.


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  • UI/UX
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Work Experience


Designing digital product experiences for complex data flows in
cyber security.

Frog Design

Designed futuristic concepts, ecosystems and app workflows for digital experiences in New York subways.

Intel Labs

Designed educational experiences to make electronics more engaging for middle school children.

Honeywell Technology

Built a project focused on emotions, environment and safety of older patients with long term medication requirements.


Audited and designed phone and web interfaces for its healthcare management product.

Steinhardt School of Communication

Designed web portal and learning tools to manage the IT department infrastructure.

Stern School of Business

Redesigned and built the website for a professor in 4 months

Digital Advertising

(Webchutney Studios, Publicis, TBWA)

Designed extensively for the web, mobile and social media

Get in Touch

Currently actively seeking new job opportunities, freelance inquiries and collaborative projects.

You can reach me via email: | cell: 732.500.7479